Thank​ ​You​ ​All​ ​For​ ​Making​ ​The​ ​2nd​ ​Annual Red​ ​Lodge​ ​Songwriter​ ​Festival​ ​a​ ​Huge​ ​Success!!

Yellowstone​ ​Country Great​ ​Clips,​ ​Dennis​ ​&​ ​Nancy​ ​Stevens Southern​ ​Wine​ ​&​ ​Spirits,​ ​Patron​ ​&​ ​Jim​ ​Beam H​ ​bar​ ​S​ ​Real​ ​Estate,​ ​Anner​ ​Marble

Jim​ ​&​ ​Holly​ ​Brien Larry​ ​Williams​ ​&​ ​Louis​ ​Stapleton

Rocky​ ​Mountain​ ​Market/Pilot​ ​Peak​ ​Music The​ ​Pollard Yellowstone​ ​Preservation​ ​Bus​ ​Trust Bank​ ​of​ ​Red​ ​Lodge

Red​ ​Lodge​ ​​ ​KOA Service​ ​Plus Beartooth​ ​Business​ ​Consulting The​ ​Village​ ​Shoppe Babcock​ ​&​ ​Miles Junction​ ​Seven Berkshire​ ​Hathaway,​ ​Nancy​ ​Collins​ ​&​ ​Pat​ ​Hoffman First​ ​Interstate​ ​Bank Red​ ​Lodge​ ​Mountain Headwaters​ ​Studio Red​ ​Lodge​ ​Merchant​ ​&​ ​Lodging​ ​Association

Natalie’s​ ​Front​ ​Bar The​ ​Snag Velum​ ​Skin​ ​&​ ​Laser​ ​Center Red​ ​Lodge​ ​Ales Alpine​ ​Lodge KZMQ​ ​​ ​Cody Sylvan​ ​Peak Honey’s​ ​Cafe The​ ​Island​ ​at​ ​Rock​ ​Creek Rock​ ​Creek​ ​Lumber Flower​ ​Garage Econoprint Mark​ ​Shubert,​ ​CPA Covering​ ​Broadway Bearcreek​ ​Saloon

All​ ​the​ ​volunteers:​ ​Brenna​ ​Hyvonen,​ ​Augie​ ​Aga,​ ​​ ​Jennifer​ ​Coutts Mike​ ​Holmes,​ ​Monica​ ​Plecker,​ ​Justin​ ​&​ ​Lisa​ ​Satterfield,​ ​Steve​ ​Kovash,​ ​Christi​ ​Brenna, Barla​ ​Bedouin,​ ​Treyton​ ​Koch,​ ​Skyler​ ​Frank,​ ​Davis​ ​Kreuzer,​ ​Coy​ ​Wickens,​ ​Sabrina​ ​Mann,​ ​Mason Daily,​ ​Brendan​ ​Beckett

From​ ​the​ ​Red​ ​Lodge​ ​Songwriter​ ​Festival​ ​Inc.​ ​Board​ ​of​ ​Directors: Mike​ ​Booth,​ ​Jayne​ ​Laurence,​ ​Tera​ ​Reynolds,​ ​Cory​ ​Johnson​ ​and James​ ​Dean​ ​Hicks

Be​ ​sure​ ​to​ ​mark​ ​your​ ​calendars​ ​for​ ​the 3rd​ ​Annual​ ​Red​ ​Lodge​ ​Songwriter​ ​Festival​ ​June​ ​21​ ​-23,​ ​2018

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